What is ScrapperMin?

ScrapperMin is a software for Windows that allows software developer to create Web Automation software. Such as Bot to login, scraping information, downloading, doing posting. It can bypass captcha such as recaptcha/nocaptcha


Download the latest version of ScrapperMin from here



ScrapperMin uses a language similar with C. The IDE enable developer to input syntax SG_<syntax> WC_<syntax> SO_<syntax> with syntax is method published by .NET dll stored in ScrapperGecko class, CookieWebClient class and StringOps class. The CHM documentation contains classes documentation where you can find reference on how to code using ScrapperMin.

Android Version

Download ScrapperMin from Google Play Store Now. Do you know that you can compile ScrapperMin syntax into Android APK? Download below to find out

Download Documentation

Wanting to learn? Read the documentation ScrapperMin documentation can be found here :

Having Trouble?

Email me at sorainnosia@gmail.com